when you're sick, stop eating and turn to liquids to flush

when you're sick, stop eating and turn to liquids to flush

If you've ever observed or been around a dog long enough, the one thing you can say is that dogs have more sense than which people give them credit.  The one thing i've noticed with the dogs that i've had over the course of my life is that when they get sick, they stop eating!  If it's a dog that's a stray and it's not feeling well you will sometimes notice it eating grass.  It's because a dog is far more in touch with nature than human beings are (in a general sense).  And it instinctively understands that herbs or grass can either help cleanse or provide medicine that contributes to healing.  A dog will not continue eating and eating if it has an issue with its' stomach.  

However, a human being will not only continue eating but it will be so brazen as to eat more than it's share of unhealthy food.  This is part of the reason why individuals have such a hard time overcoming disease.  They can't help themselves from putting food in their mouth.  Even if it means the food will exacerbate their current unfavorable situation.  In my opinion, one of the best ways to help yourself to overcome chronic illness is to stop eating and start drinking.

How does this help?  The human body is between 60 and 70 percent water on average.  At the bottom of most nearly all health conditions is dehydration and malnutrition.  Either the body is not hydrated enough or the body has not received enough nutrients.  By properly hydrating the body you're doing a few things.  The first thing you're doing (which is critical to your healing) is that you're flushing all of the garbage or waste byproducts from your body.  If trash remains in the system it disrupts important functions within the body.  The second thing that you're doing is you're allowing nutrients to be transported to deficient areas in order that they begin regain strength and function.  Lastly, you are hydrating all of the major organs and body systems within the body.  Most of your major organs are anywhere from 60 to 85% water (in composition).  Whether you're drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juice or water, each liquid source plays a vital role in recovery.

Drinking also allows your digestive system a chance to rest from the rigorous work that it generally has to perform.  When you give rest to your digestive system you afford your body the opportunity to place it's focus on repairing the body as opposed to digesting food (which requires a lot of energy).

As you begin to start consuming more juice and water you may want to consider adding or mucus broom and colon food plus formulas.  These two formulas contain herbs with an affinity for enhancing the rejuvenation process for individuals who consume high amounts of liquids.


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