whether you smoke or not, clean and strengthen your lungs

whether you smoke or not, clean and strengthen your lungs

Naturally, there is no guarantee that smoking (anything) means that you're going to contract some form of lung ailment.  It only means that you could be strengthening the odds against you that your lung function will decline sooner than the average individual walking the streets.  But hey, "you're gonna die anyway, right?"  While nothing could be more true, i'd still like to share a few things that you might want to incorporate to help combat any potential damage to your lungs.  

For the record and for the road, smoke of any form is not ideal for the lungs.  People often send me tons of research papers about the endocannabinoid system, and how it's in place to help us withstand marijuana smoke.  I'm not here to debate, only here to assist.  The fact will always remain that heating up any plant changes the chemical structure and produces "some" toxic irritation within the system.  But again, I have no axes to grind with anyone, but reality is reality.  In case you are interested, a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis would be  to consume cannabis oil or juicing the baby leaf.  The plant is beyond a miracle plant!

Anyway, this is not an article about smoking weed.  it's about smoking anything.  One simple yet powerful giveaway that you should not be smoking anything is that you cough when you inhale smoke.  If smoke was meant to be in your lungs then your body would not be trying so hard to eliminate the toxicity associated with smoke when you're inhaling.  When else do you notice people coughing profusely?  When they have a cold or the flu, right?  That's because a cough is a beneficial effort by the body to remove toxins from the body via the mouth.


1.  CLEAN UP MY DIET - If you're already bringing toxins into your body via smoke it's not wise to add more toxins via my nutritional lifestyle.  A cleaner healthier diet means more antioxidants in the diet which can therefore kill off pathogens and protect cells and tissues.

2.  EXERCISE CONSISTENTLY - When you smoke you're really taxing the lungs.  By exercising consistently you're training your lungs to gain strength and also detoxing them especially if you're running outside in fresh air in addition to cross fit, weight lifting or other workout routines.

3. CUT DOWN ON FRIED FOODS - Think about it.  The fried food goes through your throat and the rancid oil sticks to areas of your upper respiratory system.  No need to add toxicity on top of toxicity.  Many people that don't smoke also contract lung ailments.

4.  SUPPLEMENT WITH A RESPIRATORY HERB - Balance is key.  While you're taking in smoke it's imperative to consume something that has an affinity for strengthening and cleansing the lungs in the process.  Many of your over-the-counter nasal and respiratory treatments contain natural herbs that are popular in the natural world for treating lung and respiratory conditions.  Many of these products contain herbs like peppermint, eucalyptus, oregano, wild cherry bark and clove. 

Why would anyone focus on maintaining clean and strong lungs if they smoke (or otherwise)?  The lungs along with the kidneys are responsible for regulating your blood ph.  If your lungs do not function correctly then you run the risk of interrupting important body functions that operate to save your life each day.  Incorporating lung strengthening herbs will work wonders for people who smoke but who also do not smoke.  It's not a matter of if you smoke or do not smoke because in truth, the environment is contaminated.  So in the end everyone needs to protect their lungs.  

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