Return Policies

If your products was damaged en route, no worries, we've got you covered.  Try your best to quickly report the case to us  by sending an email to with a picture of the damaged product.  (ie) activated charcoal packet that spilled inside of the mailing envelope and damaged all of your other products.  Once we have the proof and have reviewed your case we can immediately proceed in getting you a replacement for your product purchase.

If you did not receive your order, please be advised that ordering from Powered By Nature Herbs enters you into a 3rd party contract (with the respective mail courier).  Powered By Nature Herbs is not responsible for any lost, stolen or undelivered packages once they leave our facility.  We will provide you the tracking information for your order to better anticipate its' arrival.  If your order gets lost, stolen or undelivered it is NOT the responsibility of Powered By Nature Herbs to replace the order, provide refunds for the order or contact the courier on your behalf.  The responsibility to contact the mail courier to resolve the matter will be upon the customer.  The customer will need to contact the courier and file a claim with the respective courier.  If you need any assistance with contact information for the courier we can certainly assist you with that aspect.  But we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your order once it leaves our facility unless a product is shown to be damaged prior to leaving our facility.  In which is a different case that we can resolve.  Buyer Please Beware.

If you want a refund because you did not like the product 
we do not issue refunds in this case.  Because of the nature of our business we do not offer refunds unless we have made an error by sending the package to the incorrect address or failed to meet a promised agreement .  We are a small company that offers a unique service with natural plants that are sourced from around the world and therefore we cannot function the same way a fortune 500 synthetic supplement company functions.  Our formulas take time, effort and most importantly, an abundance of natural resources to prepare.  Please be sure about your purchase order before committing.  We appreciate you and hope that you understand that we are doing our very best as a small business to stay afloat and meet the demands of our customers.