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Iron is necessary for many of the body's important function. In particular it is vital to red blood cell production. Without iron our cell's are unable to produce adequate amount's of oxygen for our blood and body to be healthy. When there is not enough iron a person is considered to be anemic. To be anemic simply means that you have a deficiency in your red blood cells. With the exception of individuals who live with sickle cell anemia, women that are menstruate are generally the ones that most need iron. Iron also plays a vital role in hair growth among many other things.

Our iron is unlike any other iron supplement. It is headlined by iodine rich sea vegetables such as kelp along with mucus eructing plants like mullein leaf. This iron supplement is so unique in that it serves a much more deeper function than just providing iron to the body. Conventional iron supplements are not fully absorbed by the body and generally can cause constipation. The body has a difficult time synthesizing iron that is inorganic. These inorganic forms are classified under the names ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulfate. The Plant Iron Plus herbal formula is pure plant iron. 

FACT: Approximately 9% of all women suffer from an iron deficiency. The n umber is even higher in women that lead actve lifestyles and exercise frequently. 


(Note): The standard capsule amount of most commercial or private label supplements is 30 or 60 capsules. In exceptional cases you may find 90 capsules. But you can be sure that less than .5 percent of all supplement manufacturers can or will provide you with 100 potent exotic herbal capsules absent artificial fillers or binders. We have no fillers or binders in our products! 


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