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PLEASE NOTE: All cleanses arrive in white (or black) bottles with black and white avery print labels.  This helps customers be able to correctly take the cleanse in proper sequence as we have each bottle numbered.  Therefore, product image on website does not reflect the actual packaging of the product.

The Total Body Sweep (Cleanse) was designed to give the entire body a reboot. As a society we are inundated with an excess amount of toxicity on numerous levels. In addition to this toxicity stress plays a major role in the state of health of each individual. When your system has been compromised with toxic waste it is imperative that you consciously cleanse to remove these obstructions so as to assist the body in performing most efficiently.

The human body functions much like an automobile. The oil has to be changed every so often. In the human body the oil represents your blood. if your blood has issues, you're going to have issues. If your blood is clean, you're more likely than not going to experience a life full of vitality.

Our goal with this cleanse is not only to physiologically help you to remove waste and to become a better individual but also energetically. This is about improving your vibration and frequency as well

Total Body Sweep comes complete with 6 separate botanical compounds constructed to cleanse 6 major organ systems. These systems are: THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, LIVER SYSTEM (INCLUDES GALL BLADDER), URINARY & ADRENALS SYSTEM and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. In addition to our herbal cleanse we will provide you a guide with recommended FRUITS that you should consume during the cleanse to help deepen your cleanse and promote a body that will release unwanted waste.


Cleanse Schedule: (Adjust to your liking)

Formula 1 -   Blood & Lymph System -  7:00 A.M.   (5 capsules)

Formula 2 -  Cardiovascular System -  9:00 A.M.  (5 capsules)

Formula 3 -  Liver & Gallbladder System -  11:00 A.M..  (Take 5 capsules)

Formula 4 - Respiratory System -  2:00 P.M.   (5 capsules)

Formula 5 -  Urinary, Kidneys & Bladder System - 5:00 P.M. (5 capsules)

Formula 6 - Colon & Digestive System - 7:00 P.M. (5 capsules)

Activated Charcoal: With Formula #6 or before bedtime (add 1/3 teaspoon to 4 ounces of water, stir well, and drink). 9:00-10:00 P.M.



Following an all fruit, raw foods or juice diet is recommended during the 20 day regimen.  Cooked food is not recommended.  You are free to take the formulas in the order that you feel is best for you.  We encourage you to allow 2 to 3 hours in between each formula to allow the formula the time to serve its' respective functions.  Each formula should be taken with a full glass of eight ounces of water, preferably distilled or alkaline water (the best). Never drink municipal tap water! It is NOT recommended that you take all six formulas at once.: If you work nights, simply reverse the schedule and simply take Formula 1 first, the Formula #2 2-3 hours later, and so on. It’s really simple.









Coconut Activated Charcoal - COCONUT HUSKS



This Cleanse CANNOT be taken while taking prescription medication

Our Cleanse is Not Recommended For Pregnant Women

Our Cleanse is Not Recommended For Breastfeeding Mothers

Our Cleanse is Not Recommended For Children:

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.



Welcome to our Plant Based Nutrition section at Herbs of Cochise.  We wanted to take a minute and simply explain our goals for you as an individual and our overall purpose.  Our goal is to help take your personal wellness to the highest level possible.  If we don’t know much about the state of health of our society there is one thing of which we can hang our hat.  Animal flesh and dairy are potentially the largest contributors to death and disease in the world.

What makes plant based nutrition so unique is that you can meet most of the body’s nutritional needs absent doing damage to the body in the process.  The biological make-up of plants along with their micronutrient rich properties make for the ideal fuel for the body.  Wherever you may fall short in your diet is where a good quality plant supplement should step in.

The one myth that we’ve all heard about consuming meat is this.  If you don’t consume meat you cannot meet your protein needs.  The answer to this is quite clear yet indisputable.  The most common forms of animals that mankind consumes are primarily vegetarians.  Meaning the animals we eat rarely if ever consume other animals or forms of meat.  There are of course exceptions to the rule.  This is important for one reason and one reason only.  If animals such as cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs primarily consume corn, meal, grains, grass, soy and other forms of plants, then they are not gleaning protein from animal sources.  Amazingly enough they grow just fine.

What’s even more interesting to know is that ONLY a plant can take nitrogen from the air, break it into tiny particles to make amino acids and transfer that into protein.  What we know as meat (aka animal flesh) is nothing more than a culmination of plant protein being properly synthesized.  The protein that anyone receives from meat is simply re-purposed plant protein.  We’re not disputing that you aren’t getting any protein from animals because you are.  But what we are emphatically stating is that the protein that you’re getting can be acquired in a much simpler fashion minus the excessive risks of contracting an ailment. By consuming plants, you get the max for the minimum.  Maximum benefits with minimal detriment (illness). 

This is not about being associated with a group of individuals because of the nutritional lifestyle that you choose to follow.  This is about achieving vitality and maximizing your outputs in all that you do.  Whether you consume meat or not it is possible that you may have or currently consume products that contain animal byproducts.  This is why it’s imperative to stay aware of what you put in your body.  Micronutrient rich Plant Based Nutrition is one of the best ways to promote optimal function within the body.

We prefer what nature produces.  This means that we ONLY use plants (herbs) from nature with many of them possessing a proclivity for the male and female reproductive organs (non genitalia).  This naturally makes them hormonal balancing.  It is important to know that herbs have no side effects and very few contraindications.   As always, we still advise that you inform your doctor if you are currently prescribed medications for a medical condition before taking ANY supplements.  Herbs are plants.  Think of herbs just as you would a banana, an apple, an orange or grapes.  They all serve as healthy food for the body.  And they are all plants.

We only use pure wild-harvested and organic (when available) powdered herbs from around the world.  Examples of sourcing countries are China, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, Mexico and the United States.  We do our best to provide you with some of the world’s most exotic and nutritious plants.  In our products you may find herbs such as Moringa Leaf, Tongkat Ali, Wild Yam, Red Raspberry Leaf, Goldenseal, Red Clover, Cistanches, Damiana, Acerola Fruit, Bilberry, Don Quai, Irish Moss, Bladderwrack and more!

Our capsules are “0” size, clear, 100% plant based, derived from non-GMO corn.  We are not promoters of the usage of any form of chemicals. You’re getting a capsule that is 100% plants.  The finished capsule comes in a 150CC white HDPE plastic bottle with a safety seal and bottle cap.

Shipping & Returns

(a) POWERED BY NATURE HERBS (hereinafter “PBN Herbs”) ships all orders with USPS (United States Postal Service) tracking. (b) Please allow up to twenty-eight (28) business days after placing your order for your order to ship (though orders typically ship sooner than later). High-quality natural products take time to make. (c) We do not oblige special requests to expedite the shipping of orders.

2. (a) ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Absolutely NO REFUNDS! (b) We do not accept returns on any of our products. Damaged, defective, and/or mislabeled items can only be replaced with the same item that is damaged, defective, or mislabeled (c) We cannot combine order(s) with another order(s). (d) Additions, changes and cancellations are not possible after placing your order. Please make sure you enter Sales/Coupon Codes AND the correct shipping address at the time of placing your order. (e) We cannot make special concessions for any reasons (e.g. "I forgot to enter coupon code, please refund the difference", "Please ship overnight", "Please ship half my order now...", "Please ship my order to another address", etc.).

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23. Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally (outside of the United States).

Cleanse Instructions


Sample Schedule For ALL Cleanses:

Formula #1: 7:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #2: 9:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #3: 11:00 A.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #4: 1:00 P.M. or 2:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #5: 3:00 P.M. or 5:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

Formula #6: 5:00 P.M. or 6:00 P.M. Take 5 capsules

(For Total Body Sweep Cleanse ONLY): Activated Charcoal: With Formula #6 or before bedtime (add 1/3 teaspoon to 4 ounces of water, stir well, and drink).

NOTE: If you work nights, simply reverse the schedule and simply take Formula 1 first, the Formula #2 2-3 hours later, and so on. It’s really simple.

NOTE: We do not recommend simultaneous consumption of herbs and pharmaceutical drug medication (prescription or OTC?Over -the-Counter) due to possible harmful interaction and adverse reactions.

The recommended diet for this cleanse as with all of the cleanses formulated by Powered By Nature Herbs is a strictly raw FRUITS diet.  High water fruits to be exact.  Those fruits are but not limited to grapes (seeded preferably but seedless will suffice), berries, watermelon, oranges, cucumbers, grapefruit, pears, apples, mango, papaya, etc.  Be sure to get full when eating your fruits.

IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, some good snacks to consume while cleansing include organic raisins, dates, sulfur-free dried fruits, dried fruit-vegetable chips, trail mix, etc. NOTE: Make sure snacks are sulfur (sulphur) free.

You can consume fresh herbal teas if you desire.

If you’re cleansing and must travel and need to find a health store and/or raw foods, vegan, macrobiotic, or vegetarian restaurant, the best resource on the internet is Download their app on your phone (there may be a small fee). You won’t regret it. Best app for healthy dining.

It is highly recommended by PBN Herbs to drink fresh-squeezed fruit juice as much as possible. 

During this cleanse, please refrain (to the best of your ability) from consuming meat, eggs, dairy, refined grains and starches, and commercial condiments (they trigger unnatural and unhealthy appetite).

Avoid “cooked” food (food cooked in heat beyond 118 degrees F).

Meat includes but is not limited to: bacon, beef, bison, bologna, chicken, crab, fish, frankfurter (hot dog weiner), ham, hamburger, ham hock, hog head cheese, gizzard, lamb, liver, liverwurst, lobster, neck bone, pastrami, pig feet, pig snout, pork, potted meat, rock cornish hen, salami, salt pork, sausage, sardines, shrimp, Spam, steak, turkey, etc. 

* soy-based. Refrain from eating a lot of if you choose to consume it.

Eggs include chicken eggs, caviar (fish eggs), egg whites, scrambled eggs, omelet, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternative: Egg replacer (for food preparation purposes only).

Dairy includes but is not limited to: milk, milk chocolate, cheese, butter, cream, whip cream, yogurt, colostrum, creamer, etc.

Post-Cleanse alternative: Daiya cheese, Cashew cheese, Almond cheese. NOTE: Make sure the cheese is "vegan" and contains no "casein."  

Post-Cleanse alternatives: (Milk) almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, hemp seed milk, oat milk, coconut milk, sesame milk; (Cheese) vegan ones containing no casein; (Yogurt) dairy-free brands; (Butter) Earth Balance brand (Mayonnaise) Follow Your Heart brand veganaise (the best)

Refined grains/starches include but is not limited to: white bread, cake, donuts, crackers, cookies, pies/pastries, pancakes, waffles, commercial cereals, bagels, croissants, bread sticks, white flour, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternatives: whole wheat, multi-grain, teff, buckwheat, Kamut wheat, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, spelt, etc.

Avoid: (Sweeteners) white sugar, brown sugar, rapadura, Succanat, Saccharin, aspartame, dextrose, glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, raw cane sugar, sugar cane crystals, high fructose corn syrup, etc. (Salt) white table salt, Lawry’s seasoning, (Condiment) commercial brand mustard (w/ white distilled vinegar), ketchup (w/ white distilled vinegar), (Sauce) soy sauce; (Vinegar) white distilled vinegar, vinegar, etc.; black pepper.

Post-Cleanse alternatives: (Sweeteners) Stevia, vegetable glycerin, agave nectar, maple syrup (grade B and C are best), coconut nectar, date palm (coconut) sugar, xylitol, erythritol, etc. (Salt) Himalayan pink salt (best, very nutritious), Kala Namak aka Himalayan black salt (very nutritious), sea salt, Celtic sea salt, Alaea Hawaiian red sea salt, Matcha green tea salt, Herbamere brand, Bernard Jensen brand herbal seasoning, Eden brand Gomasio. etc. (Vinegar) Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, red plum vinegar, brown rice vinegar; (Soy Sauce) Bragg’s liquid aminos, Coconut Secrets brand coconut aminos.

Avoid: Coffee, latte, hot cocoa, hot chocolate, beer, wine, spirits, champagne, Kool-Aid, soda pop, carbonated beverages, fruit punch, commercial pasteurized fruit beverages, etc. 

Post-Cleanse alternatives: If you will drink bottled fruit juice, best brands are Lakewood and Santa Cruz, organic (preferably); herbal coffee, Teeccino brand herbal coffee, Tea (herbal), bottled tea; mineral water. Freshly squeezed fruit juice and vegetable juice are best!

Best bottled alkaline water brands: Essentia, Penta, Oxygen water, Real Water, Hydrate High, Alkaline 88, and Evamor.

Best bottled water brands: Voss, Fiji, Evian. Avoid consuming Dasani and Aquafina bottled brands.

NOTE: It is not recommended that you perform any other cleanse or regimen while performing the Total Body Sweep. Refrain from consuming supplements, including vitamins and minerals, of any kind until you’ve completed the Total Body Sweep.

While cleansing, we recommend: exercising (strenuous and subtle, your choice), yoga, walking, stretching, biking, swimming, chakra balancing, enemas and colonics, sauna (steam, FAR-infra red); massage, chiropractic, acupressure, yoni steams, sweat lodging, ear coning or candling, etc.

During the cleansing process, it is very common for people, especially those whose bodies are very toxic from toxic living, to experience the “healing crisis”, “the Law of Cure”, or “Herxheimer Reaction” which is nothing but the body going through the pains of cleansing, rebuilding, repairing, restrengthening, etc. It may appear or feel as if the herbs are making you feel bad or worse, but they are not. Your body is healing and therefore you must persist and not stop or give in.

It is ideal to cleanse the body with a cleanse every seasonal change (or four times a year). Once minimum and four times maximum (for those really serious about their health and who desire to live in tune or harmony with Nature). The best times to perform a cleanse is the month before your birthday and/or six months from your birthday, times your body’s energy is lowest.

It is not recommended that individuals engage in sexual intercourse while cleansing if one has the discipline. This is optional, though not recommended. However, detoxing and cleansing is known to restore the libido (rebooting and recalibrating the sexual reproductive system).

The benefits of cleansing include more energy, weight reduction, better or optimal functioning of body organs, glands, systems; clearer sense of being as well as thinking; radiant, glowing skin; improved sex drive, improved sleep, a new zest for life, and so much more. 

All of our cleanses are 100% plant-based (vegan) and contain absolutely no additives, no preservatives, and no excipients. Non-GMO. No Soy, Wheat or Corn.

Container Information (Specs): 150 CC RP HDPE White 38/400 Bottle with White Rib top (with inner protective seal).

NOTE: We ship the six formulas in a plastic zipper bag (to protect against spillage during transporting). All labels instruct customers to the website for purposes of instructions and list of ingredients. For this reason, we do not ship the cleanse with paper instructions.

Weight: 3.2 ounces per individual bottle

We use 100% pure, vegan, Non-GMO, vegetable cellulose HPMC (EMBO) "o" size, clear capsules and absolutely no fillers and binders (including but not limited to: Magnesium Stearate, Chromium, Silicon Dioxide, Rice Bran, Stearic Acid, Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Starch).

Processed according to CGMP standards with stainless steel encapsulation equipment. Quality assured. No chemical gel-packs or desiccants. No bleached cotton. No heat applied to bottles (external shrink band application). Bottles are sealed internally for protection. Labels are basic, black and white information and do not reflect images on the website.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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