why would anyone use black seed or black seed oil?

why would anyone use black seed or black seed oil?

Of all products or natural plants, without a doubt Black Seed and Black Seed Oil is by far the most talked about.  It seems that black seed products have taken on a life of their own.  And for good reason.  So what makes black seed such a powerful plant?

For starters, there's a lot of mystery and folklore surrounding black seed so I'd like to address the claims that have some legitimacy to them.  The use of black seed dates back to ancient Arabia, Ancient Africa and biblical times.  The most popular thing associated with black seed is that it was said to be found in the coffin of tomb of King Tut, arguably the most famous pharaoh in Egyptian history.  Tutankhamun's physician used black seed on patients for cough, flu and other common ailments.  Black seed, also known as Ketza, was used in the bible.  It has many names such as; black seed, black cumin, black coriander but the scientific generic name of it is nigella sativa.

What is black seed really good for?  It is high in vitamin c, potassium, iron, magnesium (which is great for regulating heart function) and it's also an anti-viral plant.  It's most popular for being associated with the ability to shrink tumors.  This plant is great at overall cellular nutrition which is not something that can be said for many plants.  There are many cancer studies that include information on black seed's ability to help the body against cancer.  

Most people consume black seed in oil form.  The issue with this is that the taste is very tough and quite simply it's an oil.  Meaning that this plant undergoes a process in order that we can consume its' oil.  This is not to say that the plant is not powerful in oil form.  But what we're simply stating is that any plant that undergoes a process in order that you may extract oil from the plant is losing its' power to some degree or the other.  In my opinion, it's best to consume the plant in whole form via a capsule (containing the ground elements of the plant).

One of the other challenges with consuming the oil is that the moment oil (of any kind) comes in contact with oxygen (air) it starts to go rancid.  It's nothing to be overly concerned about as it happens with all oils but it is something of which to take note.  We recommend the pill or powder form.  Ask yourself this question. Which is more powerful?  Apple or apple juice? Orange or orange juice? Olive or olive oil?  The answer is that the whole food has the most power because not only does it contain what the juice or oil would provide but it has additional nutrients in the original plant that helps to absorb all essential aspects of the plant.

In summary, black seed will serve as a multipurpose plant that provides ultimate nutrition at the cellular level.  This combination is very difficult to come by which is why this plant was so revered by the Ancient Egyptian culture.  If this plant was commonly used to treat and heal Pharaohs and prominent members of one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in the history of the world then certainly this plant can provide a multitude of benefits for you.  

Try our black seed reloaded formula that is the only black seed product on the market formulated with omega 7 in addition to complimentary plants that are high in omega 3.  The lack of dietary omega 3 is an issue for most people.  This is in large part due to the high amounts of cream, butter and fat consumed in the standard western diet.  These creams, butters and fats are high in omega 6.  When the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio is unbalanced (greater than 2 to 1), it puts a person at risk for heart disease.   


Written by: Wellness Mogul

 *Article courtesy of Powered By Nature Herbs (© Rights Reserved 2020)

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